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Linguisoft is located in the quiet countryside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Hardly the area for world-class software, right? Wrong! It’s the perfect surroundings for creativity and peaceful, quiet thinking. Linguisoft’s flagship product, Grammarian, was originally created in 1984 as Sensible Grammar, published by Sensible Software in Detroit, Michigan. Then in 1996, Casady & Greene, Monterey, California, published Grammarian. Grammarian has always been the world-class leader of innovation in patented grammar checker products.

From the Author:

In January 1992, I flew to Miami to visit the gorgeous headquarters of Deneba software, publisher and developer of Canvas and Spelling Coach. Through a weekend of meetings and then during the plane flight home, I thought about the concept of an integrated writing arsenal of assistants tied together using a central core grammar parsing engine for lexical word, phrase, and clausal information. Nine years ago, I undertook this project concept. This idea, combined with a 19 years of research, resulted in Grammarian PRO X. The first generation of this product is an essential tool for professionals, students, and casual writers. --


Thanks to all of you, too numerous to name. You remember, and you know who you are.